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Founded in 1985, Michael Zucker & Associates (MZA) is a design-oriented architecture and interior design firm. Since its inception, the firm has been dedicated to the idea that design excellence and responsible project management are both compatible and desirable. Providing personalized, high-quality service to its clients, MZA specializes in commercial and interior construction, offering expertise in both new construction and the renovation and reuse of existing structures. The firm’s work reflects the needs, attitudes, and vision of its clients as client involvement is regarded with the same importance as the overall design opportunity of the site or building.


Perhaps the most important measure of any company’s success is its rate of client satisfaction. With numerous ongoing or long-term client relationships, MZA’s ability to maintain continuity with its clients is a good indicator of the firm’s professional commitment, dedication to quality teamwork, and overall success. Our client-focused structure and philosophy emphasizes a pragmatic, flexible approach while maintaining the highest possible standard of professional judgment and integrity.


At MZA we firmly believe that successful projects are a result of the collaborative effort of the project team—the client, the architect, and the engineering consultants. The contribution of each team member is vital to understanding and addressing the many elements that must fit together to form a complete building program, responding to the needs of its occupants. Therefore it is important for the entire team to work cohesively from the outset and to be cognizant of each other’s role in the broader scheme of the project.


With regular and immediate access to the individuals working on their behalf, our clients can be confident of MZA’s commitment to their project. Michael Zucker, the firm’s principal, has over 25 years of experience working on a diverse range of innovative design projects. Michael takes primary responsibility for each project and is involved with every aspect of design, from building analysis to initial programming and planning, through completion of work.


MZA’s comprehensive services include master planning, feasibility studies, programming/space analysis, site selection, building evaluation, building design consultation, architectural design, seismic retrofits, and historic renovation and remodeling.

Michael Zucker
Principal & Owner

Mr. Zucker has over 45 years of experience and has developed extensive experience in commercial buildings. He has been responsible for designing and managing over 6 million square feet of office interior design and space planning and has established tenant development departments in two previous firms. Mr. Zucker has an outstanding reputation for understanding his client's needs, exceeding their design expectations and implementing sound construction methods.

Paul Tognotti

Mr. Tognotti has over 30 years of experience working on a variety of project types. Educated at the University of California, Berkeley, he began his professional career working for four years for the City & County of San Francisco on projects for the Recreation and Parks Department and for the Fire Department. He then returned to school where he received a Masters degree from the University of Washington, and thereafter worked in commercial retail for five years.  He is a LEED Accredited professional.

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